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FÛKE Fishing boat 1

FÛKE Fishing boat 1

Techcinal details:

Length: 2,45 meters
Width: 1,3 meters
Depth: 10 centimeters
Weight: 55 kilograms
Place for people: 3 persons

The smallest fishing boat what the FÛKE Company offers, well useable in every kind of water. Instead of its small size ensures comfort and security, equipped also with airlocks. Thanks to the formation of the bottom of the boat, it is not necessary using "grills", thus it is easier to clean. The boat is made of fiberglass, which permits easier maintenance, longer life-span and cheaper repairs.

FÛKE Fishing boat 1

Extras to order:

  • life jacket
  • oar
  • oil or electronic engine
  • lockers, anchors, grapnels
» FÛKE Fishing boat brochure (Adobe Acrobat pdf, 18.63MB)

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