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FÛKE Fishing boat 2

FÛKE Fishing boat 2

Techcinal details:

Length: 3,8 meters
Width: 1,25 meters
Depth: 10 centimeters
Weight: 65 kilograms
Place for people: 3 persons

The second part of FÛKE angler boats. Made of wood and fiberglass that's why it has good stability. The skeg in the bottom facilitate going ahead in every kind of wind. The plastic body permits easier maintenance, longer life-span and cheaper repairs.

FÛKE Fishing boat 2 FÛKE Fishing boat 2 FÛKE Fishing boat 2

It's bigger size gives place for more people and more equipments.

This model is equipped with airlocks as well and its double bottom makes possible to fashion the airlocks and make staunch lockers. The boat can be equipped with oil and electronic engine as well.

Extras to order:

  • trepni
  • acid-proof ladder
  • life jacket
  • oar
  • oil engine
  • lockers, anchors, grapnels
» FÛKE Fishing boat brochure (Adobe Acrobat pdf, 18.63MB)

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