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FÛKE 32 sailing boat

FÛKE 32 sailing boat

Technical details:

Length: 9,65 meters
Width: 2,99 meters
Depth: 1,39 meters
Weight: 32 tones
Spinakker: 65 m2
number of beds: 6
exam can be passed for 8 person
Minimum basic rigging: 23,9 m2

FÛKE 32 sailing boat has been developed by FÛKE Yacht Ltd, which has a more than 40 years engineering experience.

FÛKE 32 is typically for Lake Balaton. It is really mobile, comfortable and well sailable.

FÛKE 32 sailing boat FÛKE 32 sailing boat FÛKE 32 sailing boat FÛKE 32 sailing boat FÛKE 32 sailing boat

Thank's to inner spaciousness it is perfectly suitable for families and firms. The outlook of the ship is elegant, sporty and comfortable. The location of accessories ensures an easy tractability to the captain. Kitchen, refrigerator, map table and comfortable seats have been formed.

In the stem and in the back of the ship there are comfortable cabins with 2-2 beds. In the bathroom there is a toilet, a douche and a basin. Some of our costumers use their yachts as a vacation house in the water.

The comfort of your home and every day used fancy goods can be built to the ship, what can make more enjoyable using the yacht and spending your holiday. Our costumer can be an owner of a unique furnished and equipped yacht by following step-by-step the building of the yacht and continuously asking for his own demands.

Construction of the inner part, material of the furniture and the color of textiles are all depend on the demands of the costumer, which guarantees uniqueness and the reflection of the customer's taste. Making the on-board equipments the demands of the owner are important as well.

Most of the accessories are chosen from the Lewmart palette. The mast is selected from the palette of Sparcraft with reff and John Mast traditional or baum-reff.

In order to ease our costumer's decision we give the possibility to make a trial-sailing, in which you can personally make sure of the quality of FÛKE 32 Sailing Boats.

FÛKE Yacht Ltd has a vide variety of equipments, electronics to choose from according to your taste.

In our shop we introduce more than 1000 piece of goods and you can choose what really fits you.

Germanisher Lloyd Certificated

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