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FÛKE 37 sailing boat

FÛKE 37 sailing boat

Technical details:

Length: 11,2 meters
Width: 3,65 meters
Depth: 1,5 meters
Weight: 5,8 t
Spinakker: 120 m2
number of beds: 8
exam can be passed for 12 person
Minimum basic rigging: 24,9 m2

FÛKE 32 sailing boat has been developed by FÛKE Yacht Ltd, which has a more than 40 years engineering experience.

The ship is offered to big families, friend associations and firms. Spaciousness in the cockpit allows to use it as a charter ship. Due to the size of the ship it is perfect to make excursions at Lake Balaton, at seas and where the depth of water is more than 150 centimeters.

FÛKE 37 sailing boat FÛKE 37 sailing boat FÛKE 37 sailing boat

The big size of the ship is not a disadvantage while going ahead. The two large steering-wheels ease the control of the ship and ensures more place in the cockpit at the back.

Our company has been fabricating this type of ship since 2003. Feedbacks of FÛKE 37 owners affirm us about the security, comfort and maneuverability of the ship.

The inner part of the ship consists of 3 comfortable cabins, bath, toilet, kitchen and a saloon with map table. Beds can be made from the sofa in the saloon. It is possible to use hot and cold water as well. The cabins and the saloon are furnished with mahogany and the headroom is comfortable everywhere.

In order to ease our costumer's decision we give the possibility to make a trial-sailing, in which you can personally make sure of the quality of FÛKE 37 Sailing Boats.

In our shop we introduce more than 1000 piece of goods and you can choose what really fits you.

Our costumer can be an owner of a unique furnished and equipped yacht by following step-by-step the building of the yacht and continuously asking for his own demands. Depending on your demands we can make a luxury yacht in medium price. If somebody has extra needs (plasma TV, DVD player, water-proof loud-speakers on-board and in the inner space, leather carpet in the saloon, electronic winches, microwave owen), we can supply every demand.

We are always sriving to do our best, because if it's not good for you neither it's good for us.

Germanisher Lloyd Certificated

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