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FÛKE 550 motorboat

FÛKE 550 motorboat

Technical details:

Length: 5,5 meters
Width: 2, 15 meters
Depth: 20-30 centimeters
Weight: 430 kilograms
Place for people: 7 persons

The debut of motorboat F550 was in the International Boat Show in Budapest in 2004.

The most ideal choose for rivers, lakes and seas as well. While planning the ship it was important to build boat which is bright, stable, smart and well dirigible. Another row of seats has been formed, so there is a place for seven people and for more equipment. Growing the place to drive we managed to form another box for documents and keys. It can be used at seas as well. According to Germanischer Lloyd's ranking the boat is in the 3. category.

The technology of using fiberglass - composit conemant ensures high level of strength. The streamlined design was very important while planning.

The acid proof handrails help secure transport. The good berth of steering - wheel gives a comfortable and secure feeling. Under the seats closeable boxes are perfect to take bags, equipments or water-ski in.

FÛKE 550 motorboat FÛKE 550 motorboat FÛKE 550 motorboat FÛKE 550 motorboat FÛKE 550 motorboat FÛKE 550 motorboat

The boat is offered to:

  • families, friends to make a trip, have a rest, water-skiing, wakeboarding, diving
  • firms for education, safeguard
  • anglers

Families and anglers can change place easily because the boats are easy to carry and take to water. With buying a motor boat, you can establish your cheerful holiday for a long time.

We offer SELVA engines to our boats, because they are reliable and sparing with fuel. To all our engines there is a guarantee with 2 years.

Buying a motorboat and an engine together You can get a fantastic discount.

Basic equipment:

  • acid-proof handrails
  • steering wheel with bowden
  • driving pedestal with handrails and windscreen
  • bulls to ease docking
  • closable airlocks

Extras to order:

  • acid-proof roll-bar at the back
  • pillows to sit and sunbath
  • plastic defender around the boat
  • trash
  • acid-proof ladder, trailer, horn, pump
» FÛKE motorboats brochure (Adobe Acrobat pdf, 29.65MB)

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