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The name "FÛKE" has been signifying sailing for 100 years. Our father, Sándor FÛKE got the love of water and water sports from our great-grandfather and grandfather who were shipmasters in the Danube.

Exceeding the love of sailing, in his childhood, Sándor FÛKE started to learn the shipbuilding. He was instructed by the most famous ship-builders of Budapest. In the years of 60's he won the Hungarian national championship with his own hand made motorboat. From the beginning of the next decade he was known as the most successful ship-builder around Lake Balaton because he was deputing himself in all vessel types with his own made ships. He prepared more than hundred "race-pirates" finish-dingies and European- yollys. With three boats members of the Hungarian national team have won several Hungarian, European and world championship.

In the recent years he was working on his own made motorboats and sailing boats. For today these ships quite wanted and popular models: FÛKE 32; FÛKE 37 sailing boat; FÛKE 490; FÛKE 550 and FÛKE 550 cabin motorboats.

The fourth generation of the family is influenced by the love of sailing and water sports, as the children of Sándor FÛKE in 1993 established FÛKE Yact Ltd, a company dealing with commercial as well.

As a result of successful working we have opened our own shops in 2001 in Balatonalmádi and in 2004 in Budapest.

In our shops everything can be found in connection with sailing. Our company represents more than 40 international firms in Hungary and most of these means exclusive representation.

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